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MELTAR Supply is recognized as a certified WBE/DBE comprehensive supplier, allowing us to provide an extensive range of building, civil, and rail materials to projects and contractors across the U.S.


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Tara Kramer, Owner of MELTAR

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Industry Knowledge

Tara Kramer’s 30+ years of experience in construction, working with general contractors and subcontractors, guides MELTAR Supply.

Business Skills

Excellent communication skills, expert project management and practiced purchasing methods deliver an outstanding customer experience.

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Contract Experience

A combined 60+ years of MELTAR team experience in procurement and government contracts streamlines the process of ordering, delivery and verifying certifications.

Born into a strong family of Pittsburgh ironworkers, Tara Harmon-Kramer, MELTAR’s Owner, is no stranger to giving 110% to finish what gets started. She’s taken the foundation of her family’s values and carried them steadily throughout her professional life. This strong work ethic helped her excel when she worked her way up the ladder in various positions throughout the construction industry, and then again, as she successfully launched and ran her own commercial roofing and general contracting company in the northwest. After 12 years, she retired the construction company and launched Meltar Supply with a vision to grow the largest woman owned supply company across the nation. It’s been over five years since Meltar Supply started supplying construction materials to clients across the spectrum of commercial and public construction projects. Now operating in all four time zones, Tara is steadily moving towards her dream of a company that is a nationwide vertical, civil and rail material supply company with an eye for continued growth in the years to come.

MELTAR Supply offers a retail, open-to-the-public location, in Texas and Oregon, with multiple locations offering an onsite inventory to their commercial clients.

Expect Quality Materials

With MELTAR, material manufacturers are carefully chosen for both quality and reliability. MELTAR forms partnerships with manufacturers of a varied range of materials to deliver exactly what’s needed, when, and where it’s needed. 

With our customer-based services, MELTAR helps reduce costs while diversity goals are met in a wide range of market categories and divisons. Contractors working on buildings, airports, roads, bridges, and rail can now save on needed construction materials while winning contracts which require WBE, DBE, SBE, WBENC, and other state and national certifications.


U.S.A's Top Woman Entrepreneur Spirit

Awarded by Commercial Real Estate for Woman

Top Woman Entrepreneur in Oregon

Awarded by Portland Business Journal

First Place Public Building – Central High School

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Awarded by Daily Journal of Commerce of Oregon

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