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MELTAR Supply can provide your company the construction materials needed to build your roads and highway projects at a lower price than the competition!

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What We Do


Find Your Materials

We work with quality manufacturers to procure all the materials you need for your road construction project

Manage Purchase Agreements

We find the best priced materials for your project, while handling all procurement paperwork

Need Materials for your Road Projects?

Road Construction

MELTAR Supply can procure the materials needed for road and highway construction projects. Through strong relationships with our manufacturers, we are able to cut overhead costs and supply your company the best materials at the lowest price!

  • Pavement coatings
  • Concrete
  • Rebar
  • Stormwater Management Channels
  • Erosion Control Products
  • Culverts/Pipes
  •  Guardrails
  • Concrete Barriers
  • Steel Girders

Earth Friendly Concrete

MELTAR Supply is proud to be a distributor of Wagner’s Earth Friendly Concrete.

EFC is traditional concrete that uses no ordinary Portland cement. Instead, EFC uses a geopolymer binder system made from the chemical activation of two industrial waste by-products – blast furnace slag (waste from iron production) and fly ash (waste from coal fired power generation).

Importantly, the engineering and construction properties of this new environmental concrete are as good, and in some areas better, than normal concrete. In fact, EFC has some significant performance advantages over normal Portland cement concrete, including improved durability, lower shrinkage, earlier strength gain, higher flexural tensile strength and increased fire resistance.

EFC offers:

  • High sulphate resistance
  • High chloride ion ingress resistance
  • High acid resistance
  • Very low shrinkage
  • 30% higher flexural strength
  • Very low heat of reaction